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The most commonly used combination chart type mixes a column chart with a line chart. You'll create a chart of the selected type with both data series shown.

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Click on the chart representation of one of the data series -- for example, if you selected a column chart, select on the columns showing the data you wanted in a line chart to select that data series within the chart. Next, click on the Chart tab again and click the button for the other type of chart you want to combine here. You can repeat this step for multiple data series, not just two.

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Line Graphs in Excel (MAC) with multiple series only showing one series.

Step 1 Gather your data, making sure you organize it by the appropriate axes. About the Author. Photo Credits.

Hold your mouse pointer over the lower, right corner of the cell so that it turns into a black cross. Click and drag downward to copy the formula until the last number shows the maximum limit for your frequency distribution.

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For example, if you are using a percentage scale, you would want to end at " Enter a column heading for the next column over and label it as "Frequency Distribution. In this example it would be the cells in column "A.

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Click and drag to highlight all of the values in for the frequency, in this example they would be in column "B. Click and drag to select all the cells in the frequency distribution column, starting with the cell where you entered the formula and ending with the last cell that has a bin array value to the left.

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Click the mouse at the end of the formula in the formula bar and press "Command" and "Enter" on the keyboard. The frequency formula will be copied into all of the cells.

How to Make A Graph on Excel for Mac

Click and drag to highlight the data in the frequency distribution column. Click on the "Charts" tab and then click "Column" and choose a "2D Column" chart.

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The frequency distribution is shown in a column chart. Note, you can choose a line chart, bar graph or XY Scatter chart, if those suit your data presentation better.

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