Mac lethal live on ellen

Mac Lethal performing on The Ellen Show.

$18 - $20 // All Ages

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YouTube star Mac Lethal brings his lightning-fast raps and sharp sense of humor to Spokane

Tom said that Mac hasn't released an album in 4 years. Macs last album, Congratulations, was released Sept , not even 3 years ago. Lethal fell for an act and wasn't prepared to be hit like that.

Rap Song or Wrong Song?

Completely different rap styles, MacDonald has made his mark with politically charged rap, just because he's doing politically charged crap doesn't mean the rest of his rap game is average. It's like Riff Raff. Guy plays around with words so much then features on tracks and steals the show. Some guy its not worth insulting.

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Lethal found out the hard way. Seriously, if that's what you've got to go off for Lethal winning you've gotta get your head screwed on. I usually agree with you but Lethal was fucked KOd visciously. I quoted a few parts but that whole thing was a nasty diss.

Mac Lethal is on Ellen today! : kansascity

Kids in private school? Can either one of these fags play an instrument?

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That was pretty entertaining, I enjoyed both though I came in hoping for a kill from Lethal, but yeah, that second non answered diss from Tom is hard. I heard he also wrote each of them within 24 hours. I hope they keep going at each other, everybody wins.

This is going to backfire on Mac because his style is just too old. I enjoyed this more than I should have, Tom Macdonald got exactly what he wanted. His new album is about to drop, and this little beef has definitely got people's attention. I found this GFM from , apparently he made his 12mil overnight. You are on to something. I think it's too late to add that in the next battle rap if there is one.

That would have been a nice flip though.

You live in the safest fucking country in the world, yet you act like you're a victim man you're such a little girl". That's disgusting man dissing his daughter , lets talk about the fact your girlfriend used to suck off R. What's the matter Methlamore? You need another stupid white boy gimmick to move some units out the record store?

Mac lethal pale kid raps faster mp3

You aren't the man but you do look like Becky Lynch". Can't lie though. I'm re-listening to Tom MacDonald's verse for the 3rd time and I like it more and more. Also, none of you saying Tom won the battlte talked about his line of his girl working for Def Jam and Lethal's girl looking like death fam. What is this?

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